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The public forestry and landscape institution Krasnoselskoye which is earlier called by Krasnoselskoye to a lesookhotnichya economy has been formed in pursuance of the Order of the President of Republic of Belarus of June 12, 1997 No. 169 рп, orders of Administration of the President of Republic of Belarus of 23:06. 1997 No. 96 and 8.08.1997g. No. 134 on the basis of Krasnoselsky and Rogovsky forest areas of the Minsk forestry, the Yanushkovichsky forest area of Logoysky forestry and Krasnoselsky pilot indicative hunting-fishing farm.


For development of research and production base of Krasnoselsky lesookhotnichy economy by the Order of the President of Republic of Belarus of March 2, 1998 рп the Hotenchitsky forest area of Vileysky forestry is transferred to No. 36 to structure of economy.

The main objective of Establishment is the highly professional, effective organization of maintaining forest and hunting economy directed to achievement of a main goal of activity of Establishment:

maintaining complex forest and hunting economy;
creation and cultivation of highly productive forest plantings of the improved pedigree structure and quality;
protection and protection of the woods and fauna;
multi-purpose, scientifically based, rational use of the wood and fauna;
tourism and rest in Belarus.
GLHU "Krasnoselskoye" is located in the territory of three administrative regions: Vileysky, Minsk and Logoysky. Proceeding from forest vegetation division into districts of the territory of Republic of Belarus, the wood of Establishment on geobotanical division into districts are located in a subband of broad-leaved fir forests, in her most southern part in Oshmyano-Minsk the forest vegetation area.


According to the single state accounting of the woods of Republic of Belarus as of January 1, 2006 the total area of lands of forest fund makes-34 776 hectares, including covered with the wood of 31 996 hectares. - 92%.

The 4th forest areas are a part of GLHU "Krasnoselskoye":

Hotenchitskoye is 7034 hectares

Yanushkovichskoye is 11503 hectares

Krasnoselskoye is 10022 hectares

Rogovskoye is 6217 hectares

and woodworking shop of Sharshuna.

Forest areas consist of 11 masterful sites and 63 rounds.

GLHU extent from the North to the south - 43 km, from the East to the west - 36 km.

Winds of the western directions prevail.

All woods concern to the first group.

In the territory of GLHU the landscape wildlife area of republican Kupalovsky value, the area him is located makes - 1141 hectares, including covered with the wood of 1084 hectares.

Across the territory of economy the rivers flow: river of Eli, river of Udr, river of Guyk, river of Slizhank, river. Onions, river of Vyprat, river of Konotopk, river of Myshkovk, river of Bobrovk, river of Chernyavk, inflow of river of Guyk, river Tilva, inflow of river of Chernyavk, river of Chernits, river. Bug, river of Shchark, Kamenka River, river of Levenevk; there are reservoirs: Neris-Minsk channel, lake. Wild, the lake in. Kalatches.



Hunting in Belarus attracts a large number of fans of hunting, as among the inhabitants, and foreign guests. For good rest on a bosom of the nature there is a hotel equipped with all necessary, with a bath, billiards, kitchen, a brazier, a reservoir nearby. For successful hunting the hunting ground of Krasnoselskoye undertakes all organization of carrying out hunting:
provides to hunters single permissions and permits to participation in hunting,
prepares in due form the venue of hunting,
provides the huntsman, specially trained hunting dogs,
undertakes transport services and communication services,
carries out primary preparation of the got trophies at the request of the customer.

contact phone: Alexander Avlasenok Fedorovich (Авласенок Александр Федорович) +375 (33) 394-19-15 email: info@krasnoselskoe.by



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